The origins

PIANIGIANI's leather workshop was born in 1980 thanks to Luciano Pianigiani. He is a well-known leather artisan who lives in Buonconvento's town. Talented and competent Luciano menages to combine the passion for his work and the respect of the tradition keeping an eye towards new trends. The children Iacopo and Bianca with stubbornness and dedication are developing new designs.

Key words: tradition, uniqueness & class


Our work philosophy

We believe in the sharing of ideas and suggestions. Therefore, the key to success in producing our leather items is to work in cooperation with each other. In our company everybody partecipate directly during the all stages of processing in order to realize the best product.

As we say, safety in numbers!


The selection of the leather

We believe that the choice of the leather has to be made in an extremely accurate way. Materials are selected entirely by us in the best tanneries of Tuscany and Italy. Some leather pieces are by the way finished by our artisans in the workshop. Another important selection we carefully make concerns colour. The leather's tones have to be specificately chosen according to seasons and trends. Come up with new bright ideas is one of the main business goal. 

Made in Italy 100% high quality


Production's stages

Our products are entirely handmade according to the artisan tuscan tradition of the leather's working.

The working steps that take place in our workshop are principally three:

1.the measurement and the cut of the leather;

2.the assembling and the stitch of the cut pieces;

3.the creation of the final project.


To tell you the truth the leather's processing needs lots of others intermediate stages and many times lots of working hours, even days. Below is a summary of the production's stages it takes to make a leather item:

once we have chosen the leather's colour and type we cut it using specal molds and leather cutting tools. After others intermediate technical steps it is time to join all the pieces together using a special leather glue called "mastice". After this assembly process we let the product dry and take shape.

All technical stages and working hours that are behind every product is forgotten in the moment in which we have the final handmade result in front of our eyes. Whether it is a key chain, a pochette or a wallet, it is always a grat satisfaction.

Every object is unique and it contains our whole passion and creativity!